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Disclaimer: Kirie/Doll and Angel Sanctuary belongs to Kaori Yuki.

Name: Kirie.
Series: Angel Sanctuary.
Alias: Doll (by Uriel).
Age: Unknown, but young in angel age.

Personality-Pre City: Naïve, jealous and hot-tempered, Kirie is a teenager who is extremely loyal to the object of her crush (Rosiel and then, when she loses her memory and becomes Doll, Uriel), making her easy to manipulate by them (in turn, she's manipulative herself). Kirie is catty, sometimes malicious but not bad at heart, she’s blinded to please the person she loves because she feels obligated to make herself important at his eyes out of fear and protection. Both Kirie and Doll aren’t comfortable with anything related to sexuality; her expression of love is romantic, not sexual. When Kirie’s body was killed during Setsuna’s awaking as Alexiel (along with the rest of Assiah), Uriel gave her a new one with Sara’s face, calling her Doll. Kirie and Doll have the same personality, albeit Doll is more mild mannered and sweet because the man she’s trying to impress and follow is Uriel, not Rosiel (who are very different). Both of them are tricky and bright in their cute girls roles (Kirie as schoolgirl whilst Doll as maid), outsmarting Setsuna on occasion.

Powers: While intelligent and with potential to grow, Kirie isn’t yet powerful (in fact, she's likely the weakest angel with a name in AS. Kurai can kick her ass. Lame). She’s able to create devices and use them to focus her aura into deadly beams (lololmanequinnkillers "deadly"), weak shielding, vanish and good computer skills (as most angels), her espionage is far better than her untrained battle abilities. Kirie was still a low ranked angel, despite being on top of her class in the Academy (she had talent, but didn't live to reach it. Fail).


Basic: (Post-Manga ending) During one of Uriel’s meetings in Heaven, he forgot to recharge Doll’s batteries and she could not find a device to transfer her soul in time. Released, her soul ascended to look for Uriel and was sucked into the City that returned her body and memories as Kirie (but making her forget of her life as Doll). She landed on the Cathedral where she followed Rosiel’s orders.

During the themed seven deadly sins curses, under the influence of lust, Kirie slept with Joshua, another of Rosiel’s new servants, disgusted by the sinful behavior, she left the Cathedral and didn’t return until she made herself useful again, bringing Envy into the fold.

Recently, in order to protect Joshua’s sister, Rosette, Kirie was raped, maddened and impregnated by Sandalphon. Corinthian was able to release her mind from the control the moment Rosiel torn her heart out, killing her. The trauma blocked her memories as Kirie and made her reborn as Doll (in mind) until those emotional wounds are healed.

Housing: Cathedral, East Wing.

Alignment: Rosiel’s (or Uriel’s).

Status: Dead (inside and outside the City).

Relationship Status: Free, but Kirie is in love with Rosiel and Doll is with Uriel.


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